Thursday, December 4, 2008


I mean to write on here and keep everyone up to date! I hope everyone is doing great! So much has happened since September 7.... why can't I just keep up with this thing?

I love my job, I am excited for the lakes to be frozen enough to go fishing, I am busy planning this wedding, and I can't wait for Christmas!

We started a wedding website:

We have the church, my dress, the bridesmaid's dresses picked out, and our DJ.

The reception is the hard part. I can't believe that some places are already booked for October 3, 2009. People really get a jump on these things! And we don't want to spend a ton of money of the reception. I have been talking with people and most people said that the fancy places don't have the best food... we are such a cheeseburger and chicken finger couple! I don't want some weird food at my wedding! What to do!

I have Tuesday's and Thursday's off and they have been consumed with wedding research! We are going to look at some places tonight so I better get a move on!


Anonymous said...

Yea.. I am so happy you posted something.. stopped by your wedding site as well... you have got to post pictures of your engagement party...

Love Ya......... Grams

kristine said...

Oh cute! I would love to see pictures of an engagement party. When did you have that?
Glad to see you back! Hopefully you stay up on it!